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In this special project,


our clients brought us a clear vision.They craved relief from the relentless New Orleans summer heat to fully enjoy their poolside retreat. Our solution? A thoughtfully designed patio cover, providing cool shade from every angle at all times of the day.


To elevate the experience, we installed specially designed insulation boards beneath the roof, not just for temperature control but also to create a soothing acoustic barrier to ease falling rain. For added comfort, we integrated two client-selected Bluetooth fans and painted the ceiling in a historic New Orleans haint blue. The dimmable lights make this an enjoyable space day and night. 


As showcased in the project video, the entire family experienced the project for the first time during a grand unveiling. The anxious anticipation among our team and the husband was met with great reward as we witnessed their delightful reaction to their completed vision


Thank you for trusting us with your project

-Rellestate Team

Audubon St Renovation 

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