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May 2024 Newsletter

Rellestate Renovations Newsletter

May Edition

From the Team:

Greetings from all of us at Rellestate Renovations! We’re thrilled to bring you the first edition of our monthly newsletter. As we have transitioned into May and the temperatures start to rise, we wanted to take this opportunity to keep you updated on our latest projects, share some exciting news from our team, and offer some tips that could help in your own renovation endeavors. We hope you find this newsletter informative and engaging!

Project Spotlight:

  • Design Build by the Lakefront: We’re currently working on a modern Afro- futuristic inspired renovation that includes a new atrium and staircase alongside a complete kitchen renovation.

  • Marigny Area Makeover: A fresh update on a kitchen and living room that is bringing new life to a classic space. Featuring a custom designed art piece  created by  artist Ava Jean

  • Historic Multi-Unit Complex on Esplanade Avenue: We’re preserving history while updating for modern comfort.

  • Behind the Scenes: Our internal projects include building out our CRM software and implementing new construction management software to enhance our workflow.

  • Certification Success: Congratulations to Sorrell for passing the NASCLA General Contractor License exam after rigorous study. This license allows us to take on both residential and commercial projects in 17 different states!

Team and Alumni News: 

  • Graduation Announcement: Join us in celebrating Aidan Pachino, one of our dedicated team members, who is graduating this month from Tulane. Aidan has been with the team since August 2023 and his hard work and commitment have been key to our success.

  • Tulane Connections: Our team is composed of a diverse group of professionals, including architects, project managers, bookkeepers, interior designers, a CPA, and videographers—all proud Tulane alumni or current students. Working together has been incredibly rewarding, as we share a common educational foundation and approach to our projects. This shared background has naturally extended our network, leading to numerous collaborations with Tulane-related clients. We look forward to introducing you to individual team members in future editions of our newsletter.

Industry Insight:

  • AI and Construction: We're exploring how AI is starting to influence the construction industry. AI is being used for practical applications such as automated project scheduling and optimizing material usage to reduce waste. Fun Fact: Some companies are even developing AI-powered hard hats that can warn construction workers of potential hazards! Stay tuned for more detailed insights in our next edition.

  • Monthly Tip #1: Check for post-tension wiring. Before undertaking renovations involving slab work, always check for post-tension wiring, especially in homes built around or after 1980. Drilling into these slabs without verifying post tension presence can be dangerous and expensive. Always hire a qualified professional to locate and mark any post-tension cables before starting renovations.

  • Monthly Tip #2: Renovating more than 50% of your building's value? A renovation exceeding 50% of your home value requires an updated elevation certificate that shows you are above the required elevation for your area. If you are not, you will either need to elevate your house, acquire an elevation waiver, or decrease your construction scope to be under 50% of the building value. The best way to acquire this certificate is to higher a professional land surveyor.

Did You Know?

  • Plaza Tower: Though no longer the tallest building in New Orleans, the Plaza Tower remains a fascinating landmark. Built in the 1960s, the extensive use of asbestos for fireproofing during construction makes demolition incredibly expensive. Proposals for the future of the Plaza Tower include converting it into mixed-use space with apartments, a hotel, and commercial areas.

  • Shell Foundations: A testament to New Orleans' long history of adaptation, the  Native American practice of using shells to stabilize soil  is still visible in some parts of the city today! Keep an eye out for them as you walk around – a hidden piece of history beneath your feet!

We Want to Hear from You!

  • Do you have any topics you want us to cover? Let us know what interests you, and check out our brand new website for more updates!

Thank You For Reading!

Thank you for taking the time to read our first newsletter. We hope you enjoyed the updates and insights. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn @rellestaterenovations to stay connected with all things Rellestate Renovations!


Rellestate Renovations Team

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