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Mastering Construction Excellence Through Rellestate Renovations: The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Construction Workflow

Updated: Jun 27

Black man over seeing construction project process for Rellestate Renovations

Welcome to Rellestate Renovations, where our meticulous construction workflow sets the gold standard in our industry. This detailed process isn't just a guide—it's a valuable educational resource designed to ensure every project is handled with precision and care. Whether you're planning a major renovation or a smaller repair, understanding our proven methodology will empower you to navigate the construction process confidently and efficiently.

At Rellestate Renovations, we believe in transparency, efficiency, and delivering results that exceed expectations. Our workflow is crafted to streamline communication, minimize errors, and maximize efficiency from inception to completion. By following industry best practices and leveraging our expertise, we ensure your project progresses smoothly, maintaining quality and adherence to timelines.

Lets dive into our step by step guide to everything you need to know about a proper construction project workflow:

Step 1: Pre-Construction

1. Client Intake (initial conversation): 

We first begin by scheduling a conversation with you, either over the phone or in person, to complete our "Client Intake" form. This crucial step allows us to understand your needs and project details while you learn about our team and services. Together, we assess whether moving forward is a good fit. Our primary goal is to clarify key considerations and provide a rough, realistic budget, empowering you to make informed decisions about your project's feasibility.

Benefit to you: This initial meeting ensures a mutual understanding and helps you make confident, informed choices from the start.

2. Client Walkthrough:

If it makes sense to proceed, we schedule an in-person "Client Walkthrough" and provide materials for you to review. This stage helps us fully understand the project scope and identify necessary team members.

Benefit to you: This detailed walkthrough helps us fully grasp your project requirements, leading to better planning and execution tailored to your specific needs.

3. Architectural Design and Construction Consulting (If needed):

For projects with complex requirements, we offer architectural and construction expertise from the outset. This integrated approach ensures efficient project planning alongside construction considerations.

Benefit to you: Our Design-Build process enables early, cost-effective design decisions, ensuring creative planning and building compliance. Engaging architectural services from the start streamlines design and construction, ensuring a smoother project flow and a satisfying outcome for you.

4. Sub Walkthrough:

Next, we conduct the "Subcontractor Walkthrough." During this phase, we bring in key subcontractors to assess the project, gather details on scope, materials, timelines, and labor costs. We involve only essential team members who need to be on-site.

Benefit to you:  This step ensures accurate estimates and efficient planning by involving the right experts early on.

5. Estimate Review:

After consulting with subcontractors and suppliers, we finalize the estimate and review it with you. If accepted, we create a detailed visual schedule/Gantt chart to align everyone on the construction plan. We also send preliminary agreements to subcontractors for scope review.

Benefit to you:  This process ensures transparency and coordination, leading to a smoother construction experience.

6. Agreement Review:

After sending the agreement, we meet with you to discuss its details, ensuring full transparency and clear expectations. The agreement includes essential elements such as General Liability Insurance, bonding, Schedule of Values, and licensing. Once signed, we set a start date, update the schedule, and arrange crews.

Benefit to you:  This thorough review ensures clarity and confidence in the project's terms, leading to a well-coordinated and protected construction process.

7. Down Deposit:

 We send a formal invoice and await your deposit payment.This deposit percentage will vary depending on unique project terms.  Purchases and scheduling will not commence until the deposit is received.

Benefit to you: This ensures financial commitment and readiness before starting the project, guaranteeing efficient use of resources and timely progress.

8. Attain Subcontractor agreements:

We receive signed agreements from all subcontractors involved in the project, confirming the scope and timeline are accurate and all parties have clear, aligned expectations.

Benefit to you:  This step secures commitment from subcontractors and guarantees everyone is on the same page

9. Permitting (if needed):

If permitting is required, we send a Permitting Proposal and submit the necessary documents via Louisiana One Stop. Permit obligations may vary based on project elements and location, and this stage may occur pre-agreement.

Benefit to you:  This step handles all necessary legal approvals, helping to avoid delays and ensuring your project adheres to all regulations.

10. Order Materials:

At this point, we will begin ordering materials. We monitor shipping and coordinate safe, timely delivery, while also securing contracts with suppliers to ensure accountability for any avoidable delays.

Benefit to you:  This process ensures materials arrive on time, minimizing delays and keeping the project on schedule.

11. Set Weekly Meeting Schedule: 

Before construction commences, we will establish a specific time and date once a week to meet with you. During these meetings, we'll provide regular updates on our progress and discuss any new developments. This ensures you're always in the loop and gives us dedicated time to address your concerns.

Benefit to you: These meetings keep you informed and involved throughout the process, while allowing you to remain hands-off.

12. Team Coordination Meeting:

Before starting construction, we will meet with our team to go over project expectations, safety guidelines, and logistical details. 

Benefit to you: : This promotes  a safe and efficient work environment and fosters clear communication among our team members.

Step 2: Construction Commencement

13. Site Layout Plan:

We will design a detailed layout for temporary facilities, material movement, storage, and handling equipment at our site.

Benefit to You: Our strategic planning optimizes workflow, minimizing disruptions and facilitating  timely project completion and a clean work environment.

14. Daily report: We keep a live logbook updated daily, tracking project progress, important updates, and relevant information. 

Benefit to you:  This provides you with an accurate historical record of actions in case of any issues that arise

15. Mid Project Cleanup: 

While our site is maintained throughout the project, we conduct a thorough mid-project cleanup. This includes replacing protective covers on non-construction spaces.

Benefit to you: Ensures a clean, organized workspace, minimizing disruptions and maintaining a professional environment throughout construction.

16. Safety & Security: 

Safety is essential throughout every stage of the process. From the initial planning to the final touches, we prioritize the well-being of our team, clients, and the community. Alongside our commitment to safety, we understand the importance of security for your home. That's why we meticulously secure entry points and maintain vigilance to safeguard your property, ensuring peace of mind throughout the construction journey.

17. Change Order:

Changes are expected and welcomed during construction, whether due to unforeseen variables or client selections. However, it's important to understand that some changes may lead to work suspension or delays, increased project duration, additional expenses, and potential effects on other work. Change orders provide a means for paying for project elements not included in the original scope. All change requests must be formally signed by owner before commencing.

Benefit to you: Change orders allow for flexibility while ensuring transparency, fair pricing, and efficient project management

18. Punchlist:

After completing the main scope of the project, we'll arrange an on-site meeting with you to create a punch list. This list allows you to request corrections for any obvious and reasonable imperfections, in accordance with the latest standards of the National Association of Home Builder's "Residential Construction Performance Guidelines." .

Benefit to you: The punch list ensures that any imperfections are corrected to your satisfaction before the project is considered complete, ensuring the final result meets your expectations.

19. Send Letter of Substantial Completion: Once the work is substantially completed we'll send you an official letter confirming that your space is safe for occupancy. We will also equip you  an updated warranty sheet ensure that your expected workmanship and equipment is able to last for the duration of its lifetime with easy access to repair or replacement representatives

Benefit to you: This letter provides assurance that your space is ready for occupancy, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and ensuring that our expected workmanship and equipment lasts for the duration of its lifetime with easy access to repair or replacement representatives.

20. Subcontractor Affidavit of Lien Release :

We will send you a signed lien release from every subcontractor, confirming that the job is complete, they've received all agreed payments, and they won't hold any liens against your property. 

Benefit to you:  This safeguards your property from potential liens, offering you reassurance and confidence in your investment.

21. Receive remaining payment:

After the completion and approval of the punch list and acquisition of signed lien release forms from all subcontractors, we'll request the final payment. This is necessary for us to send you our Lien Release waiver.

22. Send client our lien release:

This signed form documents that you have paid us in full and that we are revoking any right to place any liens against your property. Construction Complete!

Step 3: Post-Construction

23. Fill out Survey:

You will next fill out our client survey, sharing your valuable feedback about your experience. This allows you to tell us what you enjoyed most and how we can improve. Your input is crucial in helping us continue to provide unmatched service and better cater to your needs in the future.

Benefit to you:  Your feedback helps us tailor our services to better meet your needs, ensuring a more satisfying experience for you and future clients.

24. Project Videos & Testimonial: 

As a fun final touch, we create a custom project video with you, your family, and your new space. Shot with high-quality videography by @Shotsmedia, this celebration of completion captures the essence of your project. From lively family rap videos to heartwarming home documentaries, it's a cherished memory for both our team and clients.

Benefit to you: Enjoy a lively and personalized project video, serving as a lasting memento of your renovation journey for you and your family to treasure.


Welcome To The Family!

Our goal is to welcome you into our Rellestate family. Whether you're planning a big project or simple repair, we're here to be your trusted construction experts."

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